General information

Eligibility to Exhibit

Manufacturers and distributers are invited to exhibit (and demonstrate, where appropriate) machines, implements, structures, tools, chemicals, vehicles and services that have an application to the rural, industrial and mining industries of North Queensland. Livestock will not be exhibited except as part of another exhibit - e.g. cattle yards. Health certificates must be available from the appropriate authority and associations direct approval must be sought before livestock will be admitted to the grounds. Products that are intended primarily for domestic use are not excluded, but will be accommodated in a prominent section of the Field Days grounds especially set aside for that purpose. No used equipment is allowed on the grounds

Site Sharing

Exhibitors must not allow any other individual or organisation to use part of their site without the written permission for that site sharing having been granted. The association reserves the right to charge the individual or organisation. Where possible, arrangements may be made for two (or more) exhibitors to be placed on adjacent sites. Please indicate clearly. Both exhibitors must request the arrangement..

Display (Exhibition Areas)

All Sites are grassed and close mowed with boundaries clearly marked. Sites can be booked singly or in multiples. Single phase electricity can be provided to the sites. Limited three phase power is also available. Exhibitors should indicate if power is required. Water is available to the exhibitors through open use taps, no allowances for hoses, hoses are available at the field day site, again exhibitors must indicate their requirements. Water is also available through public (open use) taps.

Government Regulations

The N.Q.F.D Inc. Association is not responsible for ensuring that exhibits comply with Government regulations, or for any dispute that might arise between exhibitors and Government Departments. Those organisations supplying food, drinks and /or liquor must be prepared to comply with the necessary Local Government and /or State Government Health Regulations.


No exhibit, demonstration or action should be a danger to anyone. Inspection will be made to check for hazards. If requested by the Association or Inspectors, an Exhibitor must reduce a hazard promptly, and/or comply with any request concerning safety matters.

Public Liability Insurance

No exhibit, demonstration or action should be a danger to anyone. Inspection will be made to check for hazards. If requested by the Association or Inspectors, an Exhibitor must reduce a hazard promptly, and/or comply with any request concerning safety matters.

Exhibitors Vehicles

Passes: Exhibitors will be issued with one "Exhibitor vehicle pass". This vehicle pass will allow the Exhibitor to park one vehicle in the Exhibitions' parking area. Vehicles will not be allowed to be in the Exhibitor's parking area unless the "Exhibitor vehicle pass" is displayed and secured to the inside windscreen. Your attention is drawn to Conditions 10 and 11 of the ground space contract. Please note: After careful consideration and the previous inconvenience of exhibitor’s car passes, it has been decided that a more efficient way to collect vehicle passes will be on the day of setup, staff will be available at the site office.

Set up Times + Work Health and Safety

PLEASE NOTE: This is a guideline to procedure for the North Queensland Field Days event.

Sunday 6/05/2018 7am to 5pm
Monday 7/05/2018 7am to 5pm
Tuesday 8/05/2018 7am to 5pm
Wednesday 9/05/2018 6.30am to 7.30am (1 hour only)
Thursday 10/05/2018 6.30am to 7.30am (1 hour only)
Friday 11/05/2018 7am to 5pm

PLEASE NOTE: No Vehicle movement will be allowed on site between 12 midnight Tuesday night 8/05/18 until Friday 11/05/18 7am.

Be aware - any movement of vehicle on Site during the Event days could entail a fine from a Work Health & Safety Officer. The NQ Field Days Commitee will take no responsibility for these fines as they acknowledge that this notice has become officeial confirmation of the Work Health & Safety Rules.


FRIDAY 11/05/18
Packing up to sites can be done on Thursday 10/05/18 after 6pm with vehicle access on Friday 11/05/18 as per above timetable.

PLEASE NOTE: The NQ Field Days does not insure your Goods, please remember to arrange a cover note for your site.


Sunday 6/05/2018 9am to 5pm
Monday 7/05/2018 8am to 5pm
Tuesday 8/05/2018 8am to 5pm
Wednesday 9/05/2018 8am to 5pm
Thursday 10/05/2018 8am to 5pm
Friday 11/05/2018 8am to 12noon

Additional Information

+ Exhibitors Please note: There is NO admission fee for patrons and visitors.
+ Food and drink stalls will be available for continuous service and conducted by service clubs.
+ Machinery loading/unloading ramp is available on the grounds.
+ Cranes and forklifts will be available for hire on the grounds prior to and after the Field Days.

The North Queensland Field Days bi-annual exhibition is very popular and is much in demand. All site fees must be fully paid in advance to ensure your sites(s). Allocation will be made on a "first in, best dressed" basis.

To ensure your company participates in the North Queensland Field Days 2018 exhibition, please indicate your preferred site number(s), so a tax invoice can be issued. Direct Debit and Credit Card facilities available. A Payment processing fee applies to credit card payments Visa and Mastercard.

To register your name, number of sites, size of site and preferred site number, please fill in the Exhibitors Contract and return to our office. The Exhibitors Contract must reach us by 30th March 2018. To ensure your preferred site allocation the earlier the early payment is a must.

Looking forward to seeing you at the North Queensland Field Days in the 9th & 10th May 2018.